Striploin steak725 CZK

Striploin steak from Argentine Aberdeen Angus with fat crust

Rib eye steak745 CZK

Steak Argentine Aberdeen Angus Rib Eye with grease eye

Steak Kobe4 900 CZK

The best meat of bulls from Hyogo prefecture with fat ratio 9+


Mediterraean roasted octopus535 CZK

With chilli and herbs with cream of smoked cauliflower, wild broccoli and chorizo

Skewers of tiger prawns536 CZK

On warm vegetable salad with anchovies, olives and capers of tiger

Fresh Canadian lobster295 CZK / 100 g

Made with wine and served with dressing and warm vegetable salad


Crème brullée185 CZK

With caramel sauce

Grilled pine-apple195 CZK

With cinnamon and vanilla ice cream coated in almond grilias

Churros192 CZK

Fried Sticks of puff pastry, coated in cinnamon sugar served with banana-pineapple salsa and chocolate-cardamom salsa