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New Year's Eve 2017

Come to enjoy with us New Year's Eve 2017 into our Argentina restaurant, where we will prepare for you rich programme in rhytmh of latino-american dance,  our happy new year menu and finally you will enter into the new year with delicious taste and unforgattable experiences.

Make a reservation

Don't leave reservation on last moment and make your reservation today. Choose your table directly in La Casa Argentina together with choice of New Year's Eve  menu which we will prepare for you especially for this day, after that, you can looking forward to enjoy this wonderful day with us.

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Introducing a new LA REVOLUTION cocktail

Come to La Casa Argentina to try our new LA REVOLUTION cocktail, which our chief barman Roman Fojtík mixed from Absolut Peppar, Chambord liqueur and cranberry juice and the chilli pepper in the end gives the drink a the right taste.

la revolution2

Come try La Revolution. We look forward to you.

You can find the video on how to mix the cocktail here.


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Lounge ISLA

Do you love a pleasant seating on holiday, where you will not only enjoy great food, but also the environment is a pleasure for your eyes? Did you think such a place in Prague is almost impossible to find?